Roots Academy
Welcome to Roots Academy. We practise a blend of Montessori approach and traditional classroom techniques to make learning a simple and an enjoyable process. Click below to explore more about the world of Roots Academy for a unique learning experience.
Our Programs
Our school has state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-maintained play area, big classrooms, an amphitheatre to conduct and perform extra-curricular activities and events. In addition, Roots Academy boasts of a three art classes, circle time and other facilities that enable faculty to conduct and students to practise and demonstrate education and fun activities.
Realistic Teaching
Science Programs
Art Programs
Our Features
The school opens to a play area which leads to the big and sunny classrooms. There in an amphitheater where the morning assembly and other co-curricular events are held. There are also three art classes, Circle Time and other educational activities that are conducted.
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Roots Academy is a place which encourages freedom, self expression and creativity in children with no fancy tech like in newer international schools or a machine based approach to education.

It is a place you would want to consider if you want a happy, free-thinking and grounded child. Cheers to newer heights
Swetha Sunderraman
(Mother of Kausthub class 5 & Mukund Class 2)