Our curriculum consists of a combination of classroom learning, concept-based worksheets and activities after each unit or project work in addition to the reviews and assessments at the right time. The subjects we offer at Roots Academy are:

Our team of English teachers have designed the syllabus in a way that there is equal importance given to both written and spoken language. Our textbooks are a compilation of a variety of fables, informative articles and pieces of comic book format. We have separate classes and workbooks dedicated to understanding correct English grammar.
Each child is given two chances to present during the morning assembly, the day’s news and any other topic that in his or her area of interest. We also allow the children to engage in co-curricular activities like creative writing, letter writing and impromptu speaking events.
Our team of Kannada teachers who ensure that the language can be easily understood and appreciated by both, children who speak Kannada as a native language and those who are new to it.
Each year, Roots conducts a grand event called the ‘Janapada Habba’ to celebrate the language and folklore. There will also be some fun activities such as games, skits, dance and performance amidst the village-like scene set up in the school premises that mimics a regular, rural-side market place.
Hindi and Sanskrit are offered as a part of the syllabus and can be opted as third language, from Class 4. However, from Class 1 onwards, both these languages are taught to the students to help them make an informed choice with regards to selection of third language when they reach Class 4.
When our teachers say that mathematics is a subject that is used everywhere, and they aren’t lying. At our school, mathematics is taught with an informed and unique approach that combines Montessori and traditional teaching styles.
EVS is a subject that combines science and social studies for the little ones. The whole idea is to inculcate in children a sense of curiosity to learn and know more about all the things they see and hear around them.
Many of our events throughout the year, like ‘Mango Mela’ and ‘Monsoon Masti’ are all EVS related and included in the syllabus to aid in learning in form of fun activities.
Our Science-teaching staff advocates a very hands on learning method, where they are able to learn about complicated formula in class and practically catch insects from the school garden to observe and study. Additionally, every year on February 28, we have a day designated as the Science Day to commemorate Prof. C.V. Raman’s discovery and contribution toward science.
Social Studies
We are perhaps one of the few schools that has managed to make Social Studies not boring as a subject! We learn History through fables and ancient maps, Geography through theme parties and Civics by society-central activities (like a charity event and election campaigning, to name a few).
We have a very detailed art curriculum and a dedicated staff who works hard to ensure that the ideas of each child are expressed creatively. Most art classes are conducted outdoors or ‘art huts’ where there is plenty of room to be both messy and creative
Roots Academy has collaborated with Tenwick Sports. The academic year is divided on quarterly basis where the children get to learn and play a different sport during each quarter. Our Sports instructors are trained professionals who are equipped enough to teach children to take part in outdoor activities.
Also, Roots conducts annual sports day for students to take part in outdoor and indoor games and matches. Another unique thing about this day is that there are fun activities for parents to take part in and we also ensure each child is called up on stage and rewarded a gold medal for participation and sportsmanship.
Roots Academy conducts theatre classes for children to help them get more comfortable with themselves and be able to better express their feelings and perspectives. We have a lot of fun music, drama and dance activities as part of the class.
Our Annual Day event, which we call ‘Kritaansh’, is a colourful event where students take part in our skits, songs, dance performances, designing the set and making the props
– you know, we go the whole nine yards. We put our best foot forward to give the audience a fun filled and memorable evening.
Café Menu
Café Menu classes are English language development classes. We conduct creative writing sessions – of different formats like journal entries, novel writing and script writing. Through the process, we want to make our children both comfortable and proficient in the language.
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