Children spend most part of the day at schools than at any other place. At Roots Academy, we aim to better the quality of experience in childhood and education for your children and make the process of growing and learning, a happy one.

We wish to break the conventional paradigm in education system where schools often paint a dreary picture ̶ regimented life with uniforms, assembly, class lectures, assignments, punishments, frequent examinations and textbooks. Activities and methods of learning that are meant to be fun and evoke a sense of curiosity to learn and solve problems are unfortunately seldom practiced and as a result, the young minds are forced into outdated training methods by the schools. Our goal is to debunk myths and challenge methods that mostly drive children to leave out the bigger picture where excellence, creativity and insight add immense value to their growth, skills and overall psyche rather than engaging in behaviors that have negative impact on their self-image, spirit and willingness to learn.

In what way is Roots Academy different from other schools?
* We don’t believe in uniforms, but have a dress code, comfortable clothes like track pants and t-shirts.
* We provide three meals of freshly cooked, nutritious food, served with an extra helping of love. Yes, breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are part of the deal. Each table in the dining area has a ‘table teacher’ who makes sure all the children eat sufficient quantities of food.
* Till Class 6, we have no text-books, but follow content-material that are put together by our teachers. The content material is framed by taking the best bits from different publications.
* We give a lot of importance to co-curricular activities. Theatre, art, sports and a language enhancement program are conducted every week along with regular sessions of music and dance.
* We schedule reviews and assessments, but the observations are not revealed before-hand. This would help the child to come to school just like on another day, and finish up all the test and exam work. Revision sessions and study time is also handled by the school.
* We make sure everything that a school has to get done, is done. But it is offered on a friendly, informal platform without inducing fear and stress in children.