Pranothi Banwasi,
Principal, Roots Academy
Throughout my journey as an educator and a mother, I have been asked about my opinions on schooling systems and education for children and young adults. Being on both sides of the world, I know that the common notions and expectations that parents have about schools can be far from reality. However, their demands for the best learning experience and teaching practices are totally justified. I believe that schools are knowledge centers that provide education as a responsible and collective activity, going beyond the common adage of exams, grading systems, teaching and academics.

With this idea in mind and the intent to allow children to break free from the restricted and regimented life that stunts their individuality, growth, creativity and talents, we emerged to this segment with the philosophy, that learning happens in an environment of fun, freedom and happiness. This allows children to explore their environment on their own, thus proving our well-thought concept, 'Learning through Discovery'.

Roots Academy is our contribution to the young, budding minds to allow them to be uninhibited about their personalities, celebrate their freedom of thoughts, opinions and expressions as well as help them divert their energies to right sources.

Simply put, Roots Academy is a space that mainly thrives on the positive energies of children, young adults, educators and facilitators to make learning an endless process and enjoyable experience. It is a beautiful synergy, living beyond the common myths and assumptions about schools by making it a place that children love to be in.
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